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PetroNorth PN Specialist Services Co.

Technical, Consulting, Inspection, Integrity, NDT, Fire & Safety Services


We are a company with international experience in the following services:

(1) Integrity Operating Window (IOW) System

  • Training, Development and Implementation of the system.

(2) Operational Excellence (OE) Assessment

  • Using PDCA methodology.

(3) Failure Investigation & Root Cause Analyses

  • Failure Investigation & Root Cause Analysis of incidents and critical        issues to improve processes and provide effective strategic recommendations.

(4) Repair Recommendations & Scope of Work Development

  • Providing effective repair recommendations to avoid recurrence of the  issues/problems/incidents.
  •  Providing services for development of the scope of the works, review of The scope of works for optimization and providing cost effective solutions.

(5) Inspection & Integrity Services

  • Subject matter experts and technical staff for inspection and integrity  services of plant static equipment & piping, including;
  •  On-stream inspection services
  • Shutdown inspection services
  • RBI Services
  • FFS (Fitness for Services) Assessments

(6)Project Support Services

  • QA/QC, NDT and Third Party Inspection Services including repair and refurbishment of static equipment, piping and storage tanks.

(7)Maintenance Support Services

  • QA/QC, NDT and Typical Repair Procedures for static equipment, piping and storage tanks.

(8)Safety & Fire Services

  • Providing safety services for study, installation, commissioning and routine maintenance.
  • Providing Fire related Services including services for Fire Alarms, Extinguishers, Evacuation Plans, etc.
  • Proving Health and Environment related Services.
  • Supplying Fire, Safety, Health and Environment related gadgets, detectors and PPEs such as coveralls, safety shoes, gas detectors, etc.

(9)Training & Development Services

  • PN has enriched experience of developing knowledgeable effective workforce for operating companies, which includes but not limited to; 
  • Training & Development on IOW System
  • Training of OE Assessment System and approach.
  • Inspection & NDT related Trainings.
  • Safety & Fire related Trainings.



IOWs can effectively be utilized for managing Integrity of in-service process plants, utilities and offsite facilities, which is critical for inspection, corrosion control, RBI, assetintegrity management (AIM) & process safety management (PSM).

PetroNorth PN Specialist Services Co.

  • PetroNorth PN has started its operation with an aim to benefit from its international experience for effective implementation of IOW System and developing knowledgeable Workforce for the
    Operating Companies in Oil & Gas, Water, Power and Energy Sectors including Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, E&P, etc.
    following API 584 standard guidelines.Companies need to select process variables tocontrolintegrity
    dama ges and/or reliability issues using effective operating limits
    (integrity operating windows) that address the controls necessary on the process variables that might affect the integrity and/or reliability
    of the operating unit(s). IOW system establishes program on those process variables in order to prevent potential breaches of containment (LOPC) that might occur as a result of not controlling
    the process sufficiently to avoid unexpected or unplanned deterioration or damage to pressure equipment and piping. Operating outside the IOW limits could result in accelerated or new
    damages from one or more of the numerous damage mechanisms covered in API 571, API 580 and Corrosion Control Documents
  • PetroNorth PN offers insight into operating conditions along with afundamental understanding of damage mechanisms required tomaintain your inspection, corrosion and RBI programs using Integrity Operating Windows.


SYSTEM- Improves Inspection
Program Effectiveness
– Validates RBI
Assessments & Insp.
– Reinforces Asset
Integrity Management
System (AIMS)
– Strengthens Process
Safety Management
– Improves damage
– Enhances equip service
– Reduces Maintenance,
Replacement & Upgrade
– Increases Reliability
– Improves Availability
– Increases Profitability
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